142 Sheila Vaughn ~ “Never underestimate a woman who wants something.”

May 28, 2020

  • "I was told as a young woman that I would never own a home."
  • "No is temporary, I have just not convinced you to say yes yet."

"I did everything I could to flush the ‘ick’ out of my life."
~ Sheila Vaughn

Lighting the world on fire with her vibrant energy and perseverance, my amazing guest Sheila Vaughn has personally brightened my world with her spirit and story! Co-Founder of Smart Women Series USA, I have been honored to speak at a series of informative events empowering women through unbridled mentorship. Sheila’s powerful message reminds us of how to challenge others in our lives who want to dictate what we do and then persevere!

The child of a brilliant jazz entertainer, Sheila’s father performed on shows like Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin and was also an Episcopalian minister. However, the bright persona he displayed for others was overshadowed by darkness as he battled depression, which left a permanent mark on Sheila’s family. “For years I learned to put on that face.” Listen in as Sheila describes how she worked harder to overcome the cycle of her father’s depression.

The sheer tenacity to persevere through childhood transpired as an accomplished adult. Sheila has shattered sales records as a real estate agent for Sotheby’s International Realty and has established several successful businesses. But perhaps one of her most notable personal accomplishments is her children; a single mother of two her son is a doctor who established a medical center in Phoenix called Perseverance Research Center where they are part of a leading study researching a treatment to reduce the illness time of COVID-19. Her daughter uniquely prophesied her career at a young age, and as an adult, wait until you hear what she does that had ESPN calling!