143 Starshema ~ “To heal through something completely you have to feel your feelings.”

August 13, 2020

  • "God was preserving me for the right thing."
  • "I think because my faith was larger than my situation, I was not going to let the situation define me."
  • "When you are able to heal yourself you can create a greater impact on those you are serving."

"I spent so many years in isolation because I felt like I wasn’t good enough."
~ Starshema

Brighter than her name emulates, my amazing guest today is the epitome of breaking away and creating her own path. Starshema not only shines as a brilliant business coach and speaker, but her story will strike you to the core! Discover how Starshema’s ability to drive change and impact others came from a life event that most women will not talk about and many women will not recover from.

Growing up impoverished with her mother falling victim to drug abuse, Starshema found herself in the system and in foster care by the age of nine. In speaking of her childhood, Starshema notes that “it created a new level of hunger for me. Ever since then I’ve been gritty.” As a result of a tumultuous childhood, her inner turmoil led to a dizzying array of suicidal thoughts and a suicide attempt as a teenager. Listen in as Starshema describes the events surrounding her suicide attempt and why she feels God spared her life.

With an epiphany from the suicide attempt, Starshema was determined to live her life helping others so she became a registered nurse. As a healthcare professional, Starshema had handled many difficult conversations with families, but nothing could have prepared her for her own earth shattering life transition. Listen in as Starshema describes a devastating life event many women struggle with and how it ultimately catapulted her into being a beacon of hope for other women.