144 Cherri Lindquist ~ “Your attitude really sets the bar for how you are going to deal with it.”

September 17, 2020

  • "The general public needs to know what we know."
  • "I think it has always been part of the American way that you go to work no matter what, even if you are sick."

"I have tried to teach physical distancing versus social distancing. As humans we need to be social."
~ Cherri Lindquist

Amidst the crisis of the pandemic you will find glowing souls of divine inspiration! Grateful to have crossed paths with one of these amazing souls, Cherri Lindquist. Cherri is a passionate nursing educator who manages Company Nurse, a phone triage call center for the entire United States that focuses on employees who get hurt at work. However, COVID-19 flipped so much of what Cherri had been educating into becoming the ‘go to’ resource for employers to learn how to provide a healthy environment for workers and customers in this climate. Listen in as Cherri describes how she feels the pandemic will have a positive impact on this year’s flu season and the ripple effect of what we have learned from COVID-19.

Cherri’s passion to help others and maintain a positive attitude in any situation was instilled upon her from her mother. “She always said we have control in our attitude and our work ethic.”  Cherri’s mother had always encouraged her to become a nurse but it was her mother’s passing in 2008 that inspired Cherri to attain her nursing degree. Cherri’s attitude of gratitude is immense as her 20th wedding anniversary was on the day of our recording together. As someone who travels for work, Cherri’s husband is regularly gone but the travel ban has extended his stay for an exceptionally long time. Listen in as Cherri describes how they manage the distance and their marriage as well as the coincidence connected to her husband’s name.