146 Karen Fournier ~ “You can find the lessons in your pain.”

October 22, 2020

  • "I felt very sure about being a parent but life just throws you a different hand."
  • "I can’t say enough about how little we know of what our kids are doing online."
  • "I had a huge amount of regrets but you can’t change, you can only move forward."

"I felt very sure about being a parent but life just throws you a different hand."
~ Karen Fournier

Brace yourself for an alarming interview and staggering statistics in these times of COVID with imperative information on suicide, mental illness, abuse, and online predation. My extraordinary guest, Karen Fournier, shares her heart wrenching journey and her mission providing hope for parents. 

With a degree in psychology and a background as a teacher of students with mental health issues, Karen had felt confident in her parenting abilities. “If you think this is never going to be your child because they know better, it’s not true.” In addition to outside stressors, an abusive relationship left a mark on Karen’s heart and soul but also spawned a veritable storm of emotional unrest that fell upon her three daughters in varying forms of mental illness. Ultimately, all three had suicidal episodes or tendencies. From Karen’s description of online bullying and predation to her detailed account of suicide proofing her home, Karen is adamant of how imperative it is to seek outside help. Listen in as Karen describes the advice she would give herself about being in an abusive relationship as well as the signs to look for in a child with suicidal tendencies.

From her painful journey, Karen transcends the darkness into the light for her family and for others. Her diverse background combined with her current talents as a video producer have attributed to her helping parents whose children are struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention through education and support. Listen in as Karen describes three powerful ways she may be able to help a child you know who is struggling right now.