147 Teresa Kae ~ “I started listening to what God was telling me.”

October 29, 2020

  • "I came to full faith in God and started listening to what God was telling me and realized a lot about the world."
  • "I know my art is meant to reach people at a heart level."
  • "I was looking for love my whole life and I was looking in all the wrong places. My heart was so empty."

"Trying to heal from my past was hard. I had such an empty heart."
~ Teresa Kae

Awe struck by one of heaven’s angels on earth! I met my beautiful guest Teresa Kae witnessing her incredible talent at the SHERO Foundation Gala, magically creating a story in sand on a light table. The story was about a girl released from chains into butterflies and epitomizes what you are about to hear today. Teresa’s brilliant spirit shines through as she describes her entire story for the first time as a testament to how faith and God changed her life!  

As a child, Teresa’s journey was largely influenced by a troubled mother who she describes as unhealthy and misguided. As a result, Teresa transitioned from more than 36 foster homes from the ages of 3 to 16!  In addition to never connecting with a home or family, Teresa suffered a devastating car accident, leaving her with a life altering brain injury. After the accident, Teresa’s decision to return and live with her birth mother resulted in the unspeakable; her mother, still unhealthy and misguided, was paid to marry off Teresa at the influential age of 16. Teresa spent much of her early adulthood under the influence of a con artist husband who used and abused her daily. Listen in to the remarkable circumstances surrounding her escape from this life and how she moved on to find her purpose.

“Trying to heal from my past was hard. I had such an empty heart.” With a brain injury and the toxic influence of the man she was married off to, Teresa recognized during her escape that she was unable to make rational decisions. Gratefully, Teresa was accepted into a brain injury program in Las Vegas where she began her healing journey and also learned the impact art had on her brain injury.  But finding her true love in art therapy was almost as difficult as finding her true love in life. Through a tragic loss of a close friend and perseverance with God’s divine intervention, Teresa not only found her calling, but listen in to a remarkable twist of fate that found the love of her life in a way you must hear to believe!