148 Jagan Biswakarma ~ “I didn’t realize at the time I was mistreated.”

November 18, 2020

  • "They are not animals, they are humans."
  • "We are creating an environment where people don’t have to qualify, they just have to contribute."

"We are teaching people how to empower themselves and build their self-esteem."
~ Jagan Biswakarma

A global synergy of humanity, my amazing guest today from Nepal is a shining soul in his community and beyond. Jagan Biswakarma leads Pokhara Mountain Bike in Nepal as one of the first sustainable businesses giving back to the community. While Pokhara Mountain Bike boasts a once in a lifetime opportunity tour through the Himalayas, Jagan’s mission with the organization infuses life into the community by offering free mountain bike training, mentoring, health screening and several life sustaining services for disadvantaged children. However, Jagan’s story reaches far beyond the philanthropy of Pokhara Mountain Bike.

As a child, Jagan grew up impoverished and uneducated. “I didn’t realize at the time I was mistreated.”  Through overcoming a series of challenges, Jagan was fortunate as a young adult to go to school to become a Paramedic and health assistant. Because of Jagan’s childhood journey, he made a lifetime commitment to make a difference in the community he loves. Listen in on how Pokhara Mountain Bike came into existence and how Jagan’s lifetime passion is making a difference for his community and beyond!