15 Stuart Crabb – Cultivating Positivity in the World

August 30, 2016

  • "I was really drawn to the power of what happens when people become connected."
  • "When you create the means for people to come together and create community, the world is just a better place."
  • "I realize now that the single most important responsibility that we have in how we interact and show care to others is the responsibility to cultivate positive emotions in others."

I have had some truly amazing guests on this show, but today’s guest has to be one of my favorites. Stuart Crabb is someone that I align with intellectually and spiritually.

Stuart and I have had the chance to create an amazing partnership and opportunities together, and I just love working with him – he is like my brother from another mother!

Stuart is a people specialist, and has spent much of his career at Facebook as the Global Head of Learning, and the Director of Learning and Development. He is in the midst of opening his own consulting firm, Oxegen Consulting, which will help companies with strategies around people, culture, leadership, team development plus more.