19 Melinda Garvey – How Women Can Pursue Their Entrepreneurial Dreams

September 14, 2016

  • "I want to do something that’s going to make an impact, that’s going to use my highest and best use, and also something that’s missing in the market."
  • "I’m trying to feature women to give women a voice all over in all different industries."
  • "If I knew then what I know now about entrepreneurship, I probably would have recognized it in myself a lot earlier and probably would have encouraged myself to do some things and get out of that box."

Today I get to shine the spotlight on yet another incredible woman that I have had the luxury and privilege of getting to meet and know.

Melinda Garvey is the owner of the Austin Woman Magazine, which has become a nationally recognized publication.

She was one of nine women nationwide that was selected to win Office Depot’s Business Woman of the Year Award.

Melinda’s impact reaches far beyond Texas because of her passion to empower all kinds of people, not just those who are on magazine covers.