20 Jessica Kilcullen – Changing the Landscape of the Wine Industry

September 21, 2016

  • "I married 'the head Dummy'... He actually is quite a dummy about some things, and that's why he started it, and said, 'You know, we need to give people a really easy way to figure things out in life.'"
  • "We really feel that people have to come together from different perspectives to learn from each other and to spark ideas, and deals, and push things forward."
  • "There's still such a need to have face-to-face communication and connection in an increasingly digital world."

I’m absolutely thrilled to be featuring sustainable winemaker and seasoned PR strategist, Jessica Kilcullen on today’s episode.

Jessica Kilcullen is Co-Founder & Chief Harvester of the Harvest Summit, an invitation-only event that brings together outstanding leaders in the food and wine, media/entertainment, agriculture, technology, and public policy sectors to think, talk, and celebrate the art, science, and social impact of innovation. Jessica believes through collaborations and shared transformative insights we can create the innovation required to change the world.

I know you will really enjoy hearing Jessica’s story and the genuine gratitude for the success that has come he way.