21 Emra Smith – Sharing a Message of Hope around the World

September 28, 2016

  • "I look at myself as an extra ordinary woman who has chosen to live an extraordinary life."
  • "We all have different abilities, but at the core, we are all the same."
  • "We can do both: help yourself and let someone help you."

Emra Smith is truly an angel on assignment working to make a difference in the world! Known as “the inspirational challenger and facilitator of HOPE”, Emra is a Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer and Life Coach for leaders to facilitate change.

After spending years in a place of hopelessness, Emra took those brave first steps forward to seek help. After realizing that so many other people in the world have experienced the same feelings of hopelessness and frustration that she once had, Emra decided to focus on helping others find their happiness through Life Coaching. As part of her journey, Emra also started the HOPE Doll Project and HOPE Campaign which shares messages of encouragement globally. Emra is particularly passionate about assisting women who go through crisis in times of transition, and I know her story will inspire you to keep moving forward through adversity.