22 Eileen Coskey Fracchia – Believing in the Purpose, not the Circumstance

October 5, 2016

  • "Things don’t just happen; we have to create what is going to happen and be resilient when circumstance presents itself and gets in the way of our purpose."
  • "I don't think I got lymphoma so that I can go out and preach about being a cancer fighter. I think things happen and how we react to them, where we find a way we can realign, or find the purpose in who we are, and then fit in how we react, is what makes life so dynamic, so interesting and allows us to be there for one another."
  • "It is allowing ourselves to take those moments, those breaths, those life instances, those presents, and being able to say, ‘Here’s how I want to show up in this moment.’"

I feel so blessed to share with you all the brave and inspiring story of my dear friend, Eileen Coskey Fracchia. This incredible woman is such a gift in my life and truly epitomizes resilience.

After an extremely successful career with Wells Fargo, Eileen gave herself permission to start a new stage in life as the founder of the El Camino Group. While this was a big change for Eileen, little did she know she would soon be facing a much larger life changing event that would truly highlight her ability to overcome adversity.

Not long after starting the El Camino Group, Eileen was diagnosed with a rare cancer that has a 98 percent mortality rate. One in every 300,000 people have been diagnosed this cancer, and only 2 percent survive it. When facing such a life changing obstacle, it is easy to focus on the negative diagnosis and give up. But like I said, Eileen is resilient. Instead of becoming a victim to this curveball life through her way, Eileen decided to change her focus and fight for what was important – her life.

Eileen turned her attention and journey towards the 2 percent survival rate. Most importantly, she focused on how to increase the survival rate worldwide. Her story is one of sincere bravery and shows just how important it is to fight for what you want in life. As Eileen so eloquently put it “we can only do the very best we can, to give ourselves the very best, every-moment-counts kind of life.”