26 Janet Jones – Why You Should Embrace Signs from the Universe

November 2, 2016

  • "When you say yes to something, the how shows up."
  • "You have to open your eyes to possibility. Even in the darkest of places there are opportunities everywhere."
  • "There’s dark and light in it all. Life’s a rollercoaster."
  • "Don’t worry and just trust. You might not think things are going right in the moment, but just trust in the process."

When your eyes, ears and hearts are open, amazing things can happen, and our next guest, Janet Jones, has proven just that! Janet Jones is an award winning speaker, photographer, author and founder of Happiness Millionaire. Her journey towards these successes started in a place that many of us have been – a year of living in a place of darkness.

After unexpectedly and tragically losing her father, Janet’s life collapsed all around her. For years, she hid behind a facade of happiness just going through the motions of life. It was not until she experienced a life altering epiphany that Janet was able to put herself back together and take control back in her life! Janet’s story and personal journey truly shows us what can happen when we listen to the universe and embrace the divine interventions it can throw our way.

HUGE added bonus for our ‘A Celebration of You’ listeners, Janet is giving away a signed, first edition copy of her book to one of our lucky listeners! To be entered in the drawing, send an email with your contact information to [email protected] or [email protected].