27 Nahji Chu- Celebrating How Past Hardships Shape Your Future

November 9, 2016

  • "Trust your instincts and go for it. Fight for what you want. Put a clear picture in you head of what you want for yourself and the future"
  • "These days I celebrate everything that was hard about my life and turn it into a tool for success"
  • "The reason I love life and embrace life is because I know what it's like to lose it all"

I met our next ‘A Celebration of You’ guest by chance one evening in New York City. This encounter was truly a blessing as it allowed me to connect with a woman who has one of the most riveting life stories I have ever heard. Nahji Chu is an entrepreneur, restaurateur and philanthropist who is changing the world as we speak!

As a young girl, Nahji became one of the first Vietnamese refugees to come to Australia when her family escaped the Pathet Laos Regime. Living in the refugee camps Nahji and her family witnessed torture, murder and other horrific acts on a daily basis.

The hardship and adversity Nahji experienced as a refugee helped to shape her path for the future. She chose to fight for her life and make something to be proud of. After spending years working in both the corporate world and hospitality industry, Nahji decided to use her experience and start her own franchise – misschu. This incredibly successful franchise took off and Nahji became known as “The Queen of the Rice Paper”.

What makes Nahji’s journey so unique is how she still celebrates her Vietnamese heritage and refugee hardship in everything she does.  Life hasn’t been easy for Nahji, and as you listen to her, you will truly witness how her unique background has influenced who she is today. This inspiring woman’s story is one I cannot wait to celebrate with you all!