29 Jeanne Smith: How Living in Gratitude has led to Success

November 23, 2016

  • "You cannot assume anything until you have a conversation with someone"
  • "There is something about that connection with another human being that recognizes something in you, that can light a fire and give you that opportunity to create impact in the world."
  • "Adversity can become one of our greatest launching pads for what’s possible"

When life throws curve balls and hardship our way, it’s easy to pack everything up and give in. As our next guest Jeanne Smith shares with us her story, you’ll hear firsthand the benefits of not letting adversity hold you back from fulfilling your dreams!

One the humblest people I’ve had the honor to call my friend, Jeanne is an accomplished performer, professor, life coach and even served as the Chief Creative Officer in the entertainment industry. While facing hardships throughout her career, Jeanne took them all in stride and chose to focus on staying happy.

Instead of letting anger or resentment win, Jeanne chose to be grateful for any adversity she experienced. As you hear her story, you’ll understand firsthand why adversity can truly become the launching pad for bigger and better opportunities.