35 Holly Dowling – Celebrating the Start to an Amazing 2017

January 4, 2017

  • "How did you get better this last year? What do you have to celebrate? Instead of looking at the list and what you didn’t get done, let’s focus on who you are and what you did do."
  • "Going into 2017, you have a choice. Joy is a choice! Choose self-love. Choose self-acceptance. And with that comes choosing who you are and how you spend your time."
  • "It’s never too late to dream. I truly believe we never get too old to dream."

Happy New Year! As we kickoff 2017, I decided to make this week’s podcast a time to share some wisdom and advice for the new year.

As “A Celebration of You!” focuses on individuals around the world overcoming adversity and achieving their goals, I encourage you to write your own success story for 2017!

First and foremost, take a moment to reflect back on all you achieved in 2016. What did you overcome? Did any unexpected changes occur? What are you proud of? Many times we are tempted to focus on old resolutions that we failed to achieve, but I challenge you to celebrate what you DID do!

Make 2017 the year of self-acceptance and joy! Remember: joy is a choice. Don’t allow people and situations to zap joy away from you. Make a personal vow to stop berating yourself and looking at things you don’t have. Celebrate your blessings and stop being self critical. Life’s too short!

Finally, it’s never too late to dream and make plans to achieve your dreams. Take the time to consider: “What is your soul’s highest calling?” What steps can you take to make these dreams a reality and live in your place of highest energy and joy? Make 2017 the year that you take steps to serve your highest calling!

In summary, I challenge you to consider 4 questions:

  • What did your successfully accomplish in 2016? Celebrate rather than focusing on resolutions that may have come up a bit short. Consider what you successfully accomplished!
  • What is your soul’s highest calling? Don’t accept a life of simply going “back to the grind”. Take the time to consider what steps can get you closer to your true purpose.
  • When is the last time you did something ridiculously fun and splurged on you? Whether it’s going skydiving or simply taking 10 extra minutes for you each day, gift yourself something special.
  • What’s one toxic thing you want to get rid of this year? It’s time to eliminate something that’s zapping joy from you. Whether it’s a bad habit or toxic person, take steps to eliminate this from your life.