38 Elizabeth Filippouli – Embracing Diversity to Make a Positive Difference

January 25, 2017

  • "We need to help women in our world to become more empowered"
  • "We need to talk about cross cultural understanding. We need to talk about having an open mind and respect for each other’s differences."
  • "[Global Thinkers] is connected by an element of trust and ideas around the world that unite us all."

The brilliant and graceful Elizabeth Filippouli is on our next guest on ‘A Celebration of You’ and I am truly in awe of all the amazing things this woman has accomplished. As the founder and CEO of Global Thinkers, Elizabeth helps bring together leaders from around the world to exchange ideas, knowledge and empower people around the globe.

Early on in her career as an accomplished journalist with Al Jazeera English and CNN, Elizabeth saw that her personal experiences with different cultures could allow her the opportunity to make a difference in the world. As Elizabeth shared with me, the idea of creating a better world is something that has always influenced her actions. She recognized the significance embracing diversity and all cultures could have – from there, Global Thinkers was born!

The level of passion Elizabeth has for making a difference is inspiring. I love how she created an opportunity for herself to give back and inspire countless people around her! As you listen in, I have no doubt you will be just as inspired by Elizabeth’s story.