41 Gloria Feldt – Taking the Lead with Purpose & Intention

March 1, 2017

  • "It is possible in our thought leadership to shift the narrative in women and society at large from the problem focus to the solution focus."
  • "One person can do a lot, but you need a movement and an organization behind you if you want to really make some substantial changes in the world."
  • "Keep on saying 'yes' to whatever’s out there, but be intentional."

Did you know that “fewer than 20% of top leaders across all sectors are women”? What are we doing to effectively shift these numbers to equal parity?

Listen in as Holly interviews the incredible Gloria Feldt from Take The Lead, who shares her organization’s mission “…to Prepare, Develop, Inspire and Propel women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions in the world by 2025!” It’s speed dating for mentorship! Hear how Gloria is making an impact through mentoring, inviting other women to connect virtually with online and in-person seminars, global networking events, and virtual Happy Hours.

You’ll also hear Gloria’s incredible story of how she has lived her life with purpose, intention, and tenacity as an avid supporter of women! A teen mother who dropped out of school & had three children by the age of 20, Gloria shares how her philosophy of saying yes with purpose and intention has shaped her life, including her time as President of Planned Parenthood and Co-Founder/President of Take the Lead. As one of Vanity Fair’s Top 200 Women Legends, Leaders, and Trailblazers and Glamour’s Women of the Year, I know you’ll enjoy hearing how Gloria is “inspiring women to embrace their power to lead and live without limits”.