43 Sonia Bueno de La Torre – The Importance of Self-Love

March 29, 2017

  • "Life takes care of you if you let it. Make a decision, commit to it, and trust."
  • "You are not alone and there is so much support out there."
  • "You need to choose to invest in yourself - that means time, energy, & whatever it takes to create a support system around you...because it is challenging in the beginning by yourself. You need a construct that holds the light for you until you see your own light."

It is my privilege to announce that today’s guest is highly-sought after Personal Coach, Meditation Teacher, & Energy Healer, Sonia Bueno de la Torre! Sonia helps people all over the world fully love and accept themselves for who they truly are. She supports them to embrace their worth, confidence and power so they can live a life filled with love, joy and abundance. I know you will love her energy and passion for helping others transform their lives.

While Sonia now lives an enviable life in Turks & Caicos, her story as to how she reached this point truly shows the challenges and journey she has experienced to practice one of her biggest teachings: self-love. Tune in to hear how Sonia’s struggles as a teenager have shaped her work now, how a beach vacation in her 20’s turned into tears of sadness that changed her life forever. You’ll also hear her advice on how you can commit to transforming your life.

We also discuss the inside scoop on how you can be a part of Sonia’s annual venture: The Self-Love Revolution! I was thrilled to be one of the featured speakers in this amazing project, and I know that you will enjoy being able to tap into the knowledge of so many experts!

Enjoy Sonia’s episode and lessons in self-love!