45 Lea D’Auriol – Educating Others to be Conscious Consumers

April 12, 2017

  • "When I found out I only had 6 months before impact on the oceans is completely irreversible, I realized I didn’t have the luxury of time."
  • "By 2050, we’re projected to have more plastic in our oceans than sealife."
  • "We’ve really become consumers that don’t understand the impact. It’s really about educating people to become more conscious consumers and to start to make behavioral changes that are living at one with the planet versus adding to the magnitude of the issues."

Did you know that there is a mass of plastic in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas?! Neither did I until I met today’s guest, and that is just one of the startling things I learned!

Please listen in as I welcome environmentalist & humanitarian, Lea D’Auriol to the show. Founder of the international non-profit Oceanic Global, Lea’s passion is educating people around the world about ocean conservation through art, music, and emerging technology.

Not only does Lea share how her passion project became her career, but she also shares some startling insights on how our plastic consumption is negatively impacting oceans around the world. You’ll also her how she’s really focusing on targeting youth and millennials throughout her organization, hoping that establishing habits early in life will allow the oceans to benefit for future generations.

My time with Lea certainly has me thinking about how I can play a more active part in conservation efforts. She will truly change how you feel about using plastic, eating shrimp, and approaching your recycling efforts. Enjoy her interview!