48 Kara Ross – How Jobs Transform Lives

May 2, 2017

  • "Jewelry tells a story unlike any other medium… It’s a storytelling medium."
  • "I’ve decided I want to devote my life right now to not only supporting education but to supporting job creation programs to help women create sustainable, self-reliant work for themselves. It transforms lives. It transformed my life."
  • "As a gemologist, I’ve always thought that the words that describe a diamond are perfect at describing the most wonderful assets of a woman, I mean think about it… beautiful, strong, multi-faceted, unbreakable, and brilliant."

Have you ever felt stuck?  Do you wish that you could better your life but don’t see the resources to do so? My guest this week is helping women in this position in Africa, Asia, & China, after understanding the need to be self-reliant.

I am so thrilled to welcome the amazing Kara Ross to the show! Not only is she a brilliant, award-winning jewelry designer who has designed pieces for President Obama (among others) and had her work featured in museums throughout the country, but she is also passionate about giving back! A single mom who built her own empire, Kara has made it her mission to help women with the education and jobs needed to better their family, community, and personal self.

Listen in as Kara shares how her desire to give back caused her to launch her company & brand Unleashed. You’ll hear how Unleashed not only provides education and micro financing to women in Asia, Africa, and China, but also how the brand is working with some talented women in South Africa to sell children and adult clothing to people all over the world.

You’ll also hear how Kara’s childhood experience in Africa made her fall in love with jewelry design, and how she truly believes that women embody the qualities of a diamond. I know you’ll enjoy Kara’s interview and think that she is truly a “gem”!