52 Julie Johnson – Love & Osmosis

June 7, 2017

  • "I believe in the serendipity factor. It really is simply, a little bit of kismet and a lot of enthusiasm gets you to a position to where you have some great choices to make."
  • "I started a small little winery and it was based on the whole idea that there are three flavors in every glass of wine: the terroir, which is the place; the grapes themselves, which is the variety; and the third flavor, that is so important, which is the spirit of good company, gathered around each glass."
  • "I love being able to try to transport people to the experience of being right in the vineyard."

My guest today, Julie Johnson, is not only a prime example of someone who is truly living their passion, but also someone who is creating an amazing product! Owner and winemaker at Tres Sabores Winery in Rutherford, CA, Julie Johnson is making an impact on the wine world through her love of agriculture and emphasis on the three “sabores” (Spanish for “flavors”) that blend together for an amazing glass of wine!

A former nurse who helped launch a globally renowned winery by selling off one of her prized possessions, Julie is truly passionate about the whole theatrical experience of winemaking – the growing, the drinking, and the entertainment. Listen in as Julie shares which globally renowned winery she helped found & how her venture into the viticulture world was a mix of serendipitous elements, or in her words, “a little bit of kismet and a lot of enthusiasm”.

Julie also shares what prompted her to open Tres Sabores, and what her favorite part of being a winemaker is. You’ll hear just how unique Tres Sabores is & how the winery is celebrating the history & glory of Napa Valley’s viticulture.