57 Amy Gong Liu – Being Lifted Up to Climb Mountains

August 9, 2017

  • "I want to find those people who are championing causes that they know are greater than them. Finding people who lift each other up. I think that’s the magic of it."
  • "We have heard actual cases of girls in Guatemala, who have gone to hospitals after experiencing bouts of sexual violence from intimate partners, from family members, and who have been denied services because they were equipped with an improper birth certificate. And they were not able to access what should have been a basic human right, just because they did not have a slip of paper."
  • "I would not have been able to climb the mountains that I’ve climbed if I weren’t lifted by people halfway or three-quarters of the way there."

Can you imagine, at 17 years old, making an impact on the history of our country forever?

Think for a second about some common items you have around the house: your car that you take to work or school everyday, a bicycle that you may use on the weekends to do a quick lap around the neighborhood, or your identification documents that sit in drawers until they’re needed every so often. To most of us, these items are nothing out of the ordinary. But to some people in the world, these items mean the difference between access to basic human rights and education, or nothing at all. My guest today, Amy Gong Liu, is an amazing young woman who is helping women around the world access things that many of us take for granted.

As a civil rights activist & student at Columbia University, Amy is passionate about collaborating with others to be “a part of something much, much greater than ourselves.” As a student in high school, Amy discusses how her family’s history caused her to be passionate about affecting change for women around the world, and what her greatest inspiration has been along her journey. Eventually launching a chapter of the organization Girl Up at her high school, Amy shares the initial difficulties and surprising feedback she received, and how she dealt with the subsequent negativity.

You’ll also hear what caused Amy to start working with girls and women around the world, and how some of the biggest things that we take for granted are essential to providing education and services to females worldwide. She shares unbelievable statistics around the amount of people that are undocumented in our world, and what her proudest moment has been working with women (Hint: It has a worldwide impact!).

I am so proud to feature Amy Gong Liu on the show, and cannot wait to see where the next steps of this young woman’s journey take her! You will be so impressed, inspired, and blown away by the work she is doing and its global impact.