59 Jennifer Dooley – Finding the Courage to Make the Leap

August 23, 2017

  • "The moment where you try to live your authentic self and the moment where you do what you think you should do to please others; that's been my biggest lesson in my 20's, and my 30's now."
  • "And that was my pivotal moment. I tried to sort of put myself in a box that everyone would accept... and I landed in a job that was just completely opposite of who I was."
  • "I had a friend that I talked to at the time who said, 'Sometimes you just have to jump when there's no safety net.'"

When was the moment that you decided to pursue your passion? Was it a decision you made as a young adult, or was it something that got lost until your adulthood? Or, is it a choice that you still need to make? My guest today, the lovely Jennifer Dooley, is someone who finally committed to pursuing her passion after years of trying to fit in & conform to the mold.

Growing up, Jennifer shares how her love of both creativity and understanding people transitioned her into a career in advertising. Finding success but feeling dispassionate about the products she was promoting, Jennifer shares how one key project really helped her discover her true passion and purpose in life. Despite this discovery, Jennifer shares the unsupportive feedback that she received from the people around her and how this partially caused her to “set her dreams aside for a minute” and take a job that “was completely opposite of who I was.”

Listen in as Jennifer shares the amazing advice that prompted her to make a series of amazing life changes in support of her dreams, including her decision to move halfway across the world from Canada to Australia. She’ll share what her pivotal moment was in her career path, what she is currently working on, and her advice for anyone else out there who is considering making the jump to a career that’s outside of the box. She’ll also discuss some of the personal & second-hand experiences that have truly motivated her to drive social change for women around the world.

I know you’ll truly be inspired by this amazing woman and her commitment to positive change.