62 Didi Wong – Love is Worth Fighting For

September 20, 2017

  • "I'm not regretful of anything that I've done, and I'm really happy with what I decided to do. I was proud to be confident enough to leave a job like that and follow my heart."
  • "I shattered the glass ceiling because I stuck to my guns, and I was disobedient in a way and breaking through traditions to really achieve what I truly feel was the love of my life, marrying Michael."
  • "Keep working hard. Go with the flow. Send whatever you want to achieve out there to the universe because truly, it will come back to you."

From managing 5 businesses, raising 4 children, shooting a film & television project, & making the time to be there for her children… how does she do it ALL with a constant smile on her face? My guest this week, international serial entrepreneur​ and angel investor Didi Wong, is the epitome of grace and happiness, as well as a true champion of pursuing your passion!

Didi kicks off our time together by sharing some of her recent entrepreneurial projects that are helping both her and others realize their dreams. She’ll share the pivotal moments of success & failure in childhood that made her realize her love of entrepreneurship, as well as one of the main things that she struggles to deal with after finding success. She’ll also share how you can tune in to some of her exciting, upcoming projects!

Diving deeper into her journey from childhood to being a working woman, Didi discusses her stories of scaling the corporate PR ladder and working with A-list celebrities, including Joaquin Phoenix, Madonna, & Jennifer Lopez. She’ll open up about what this experience was like and how one amusing experience made her realize that she “didn’t want to be working FOR anybody.” She’ll share the brave moment where she chose to follow her heart & not the corporate ladder, and explain how this experience impacted her journey down the line.

Didi closes our time together by recapping her version of “shattering the glass ceiling” and sharing her mantra, “love is worth fighting for.” She opens up about what non-traditional event in her life was met with disapproval and what event she is most looking forward to when celebrating a key anniversary next year. We’ll finish our time together by discussing Didi completing a key bucket list item in the next 12 months and how I hope to be a mentor for her!

I know you’ll be impressed, inspired, and motivated by the amazing Didi Wong, a woman who lives life to the fullest and “sticks to her guns”. Enjoy!