63 Ryan Foland – Finding the Solution

September 27, 2017

  • "I've set this vision for myself to empower people the best way that I can, in the least amount of time, with the most simplistic process I can create. Because at the end of the day, the more complex a solution is, the less likely people will use it, implement it, or that it'll have lasting effect."
  • "The more you talk, the less people listen. And the less you talk, the more people are going to ask questions. And questions drive conversations, and conversations create connection, and that's where the real magic happens."
  • "You have a choice to look at things in a negative light or find a positive viewpoint, and that is the one single thing that you have the most control over..."

This week’s guest was bullied in school. Last picked for the team. Crying on the floor of his bathroom. Almost ready to give up hope. But, from rejected, bullied school boy to the enigmatic, energetic, and inspiring #GingerMC, Ryan Foland has truly transformed into an in-demand speaker, coach and change-maker for entrepreneurs around the world.

Growing up in a family of educators, Ryan shares how his family’s experience in education truly inspired him to not only help people find solutions, but realize the importance of communication. He shares how one common networking question needs to be rephrased from “what” to “how” and how his world-renowned communication method, the 3-1-3, is helping revolutionize entrepreneurial pitches around the world.

Ryan also opens up about how difficult his childhood was as a nerdy, outcast, redhead. He discusses the measures he took to move into a happier period of his life, as well as his Top 3 Tips for parents of children who are bullied.

Ultimately, Ryan shares just how powerful one of his tips is and how a positive outlook on life can sometimes make all the difference. I am thrilled to share his story and know you will appreciate his amazing energy and story!