64 Regeanie Corona – Advancing the Seeds

October 4, 2017

  • "I grew up in Compton, CA. There was alot of negativity, especially in the media, you saw alot of things. But it was real...there was gang activity, there was drug activity, and there were alot of things I was exposed to at a young age. But, I was also exposed to mentorship, and programs, and opportunities where people showed me that I could be anything that I wanted to be, I just had to reach out and grab it."
  • "The choices that we make do have consequences. At time we make bad choices, and we are given opportunities to change. And it's at that moment that you really have to realize that 'I am here for something greater. I have a purpose.'"
  • "We are meant to do great things, not just exist in this life."

"I was shot at, at that moment... I remember running, and hiding, and praying, 'Lord, if you save me, I will never do anything like this again."
~ Regeanie Corona

My guest today, Regeanie Corona, has lived a life of amazing opportunities and blessings, listening to her inner voice and following her calling. After 25 years of living what she thought was her “purpose”, Regeanie opens our interview with the events that led to her finding her true life’s purpose working with “disconnected youth”.

Nearing the peak of her multi-decade career, Regeanie discusses the difficult decision she faced to either continue her corporate career or abandon everything for the unknown… and how her decision shaped her future. She shares the divine intervention she received, and opens up about how the mentorship she received as a child really helped guide her direction.

Taking us back to her childhood, Regeanie discusses how her supportive, but sheltered family life initially shielded her from her dangerous surroundings, but how a transition into public school subsequently caused her to have a breakthrough moment. She discusses how one walk down the street changed her life forever, and how this moment impacted her for the rest of her life. She also shares how her own childhood inspired her work with young people today.

Regeanie closes our time together sharing a BIG FAMILY SECRET that she didn’t discover until she was 31 years old. She discusses her outlook in dealing with the news and how this secret has only enriched her life with more love, happiness, and acceptance.

I am thrilled to share Regeanie’s story and know you will be inspired by her grace, positivity, and commitment to helping others.