66 Gretchen Carlson – Each Individual Can Make a Difference

October 18, 2017

  • "If anyone can get courage and gain courage from knowing my story, then I have done my work for the day."
  • "After 25 years of blood, sweat, and tears into a career that I adored and that I had become successful at... I realized that I had to do something. I had to jump off the cliff. And if it wasn't just going to be for me, it wasn't, it was going to be for all the other women out there whose stories had never been told publicly. It was going to be for my children and for our next generations, in the hopes that they would not suffer the same indignity, like so many women are still facing in the workplace."
  • "I have been able to show my children what it means to stand up for yourself, to speak up, to have courage, to do something brave, to make the world better."

"The analogy of jumping off a cliff with no net underneath you, that's how I felt."
~ Gretchen Carlson

My guest this week & dear friend since 1989, Gretchen Carlsonis one of the nation’s most successful and recognized news anchors, as well as a tireless advocate for equality and empowerment of women. Former Miss America and host on both the “The Real Story” and “Fox and Friends,” Gretchen made headlines last year after deciding to come forward publicly with her case of harassment in the workplace by a network executive.

We open our time together discussing what made her come forward and how this has impacted both those closest to her as well as men & women in similar situations around the world. Gretchen shares how some of her past assignments have informed her work as a women’s advocate, and what has been most monumental as a result of her sharing her story. I also open up about a dark part of my past that only Gretchen knew about until I decided to share it publicly last year.

Gretchen and I also take time to talk about courage, the need for change in arbitration agreements, and how she is helping underprivileged men & women own their voice and power. She shares what question prompted her to start her own leadership initiative, and how she plans to impact women who have been victims of gender-based violence, discrimination, or harassment.

I know you will be inspired by Gretchen’s bravery and commitment to helping others.