68 Rebecca Koegel – On Being Human

November 1, 2017

  • "We had this very picture-perfect life. By all intensive purposes, I'm sure people would look at us as having achieved success."
  • "Before my husband left, I knew from the very beginning that the way I handled it, the way that the children saw me handle it, is how they would understand it to be. So I always said, 'People make mistakes, and they get second chances, and we forgive them.' "
  • "My self-worth does not come from what other people think of me. I really had to find that self-worth comes from inside my heart, knowing that I am worthy of being here on earth, and living this life, and it doesn't come from what other people think of me."

"We said our goodbyes, and I just sat there in the parking lot for a few minutes, kind of wondering... 'How did this happen to my life? How did I get here and where do I go from here?'"
~ Rebecca Koegel

My brave and resilient guest today, Rebecca Koegel, is a photographer, lawyer, and writer who woke up one day to find her life moving in a direction she never saw coming. Thriving professionally, getting married at 27, and having two young children, Rebecca and her husband had by all means achieved society’s version of ‘success,’ but everything changed one morning at the kitchen table. Hear how she peeled herself off the floor to face news that flipped her life upside down…

Listen in as Rebecca shares the subsequent fallout of what was about to happen, the challenges that she and her husband were faced with, and how they prepared for and handled the next 3.5 years of their life. We dive into how they prepared their children, some of the poignant moments that occurred during this difficult transition, and Rebecca’s determination to both learn something from this adversity and use it as a teachable moment for her kids. She also shares her reluctance to tell others what had happened, and the eventual realization she had that prompted her to be honest and open about her story.

I know you will be inspired by Rebecca’s openness and transparency during this impactful episode!