71 Winnie Sun – The Value of Personal Impact

December 13, 2017

  • "So much of what I do now is stuff I'll never get paid for, but it gives me the absolute greatest value. I always say, 'Think about what your grandchildren will say about you.' I want to make sure what they have to say is something they can be proud of."
  • "I remember he reached out to me and he said, 'You know, I kind of figured you were the right choice when I decided to work with you, but right now, I really know. And he started tearing up... And then that was the last time I ever saw him, he passed away shortly thereafter."
  • "I think that's what I feel most proud about what I do, because I think that a lot of times, you see Wall Street or what not, and there's different personalities. But I do things my way. Everything I do, I do from my heart and because I care, not because of anything else. I don't even know most days how much I make, and I don't want to know. I just want to be here to serve my clients."

"It gave me clear purpose of what I was doing. It wasn't just managing money, but actually making impact on another person's life, which has so much more value."
~ Winnie Sun

What moment defines your life? How has that shaped who you are and how you operate? My guest today, Winnie Sun, is a successful financial advisor and entrepreneur who is focused on not only managing money for her clients but also the life-changing relationships she makes with each and every one of them.

As a hard-working, entrepreneurial spirit, Winnie shares how her plans after high school were dashed when her parents were faced with an immense challenge. Committed to helping them get back on track, she shares how she worked her way through college while operating a full-time, successful television business in her early 20’s. Enjoying the business she created and the people she worked with, Winnie shares how a pivotal moment forced her to decide the future of her business, and what opportunity she ultimately chose to move forward with.

Winnie also dives into her love of impacting the lives of other people and the pivotal moment of her career. She shares the powerful story that has defined how she works with her clients and the advice that she would give to young people developing their own businesses. I know you will be impressed and inspired by Winnie’s commitment to spreading the wealth and empowering people around the world with the information to succeed.