73 Kathryn Orford – Be Your #1 Fan

January 16, 2018

  • "I have designed my life to make sure that I am living my dreams."
  • "I did not realize at the time that vulnerability equals power, and I was pretending I was okay because everyone saw me as this all-powerful woman. I've learned so much since then about reaching out and asking for help, and that doesn't make me less of a person, it actually makes me more."
  • "Stop looking outside of yourself for acknowledgement because you are enough."

"'If I can't feel or express who I am, then I really don't want to be here.' And so I chose not to be here... so I was curled up on the cold tiles on my bathroom floor, in a fetal position, rocking myself."
~ Kathryn Orford

A truly brave, vulnerable, and inspiring soul, my guest today, Kathryn Orford, is an author, international speaker, and coach, who is helping people practice self-love and discover their worth. Living on the beautiful island of Hawaii, Kathryn opens our time together sharing her passion for living her “life by design” and ensuring her dreams come to fruition. However, Kathryn is quick to share that her life hasn’t always been sunshine, palm trees, and beaches.

Diving into her story, Kathryn shares how an extremely toxic relationship rocked her inner psyche to its core. Despite being a very successful entrepreneur with supportive clients, she shares how repeated run-ins with this toxic person changed her outlook on life. Kathryn discusses the toll this soon took on her well-being and how it caused her to turn to the last resort. Listen in as she shares what happened next and what miracles ultimately kept her here today.

Kathryn also opens up about the importance of your mental mindset and why it is so important to ask for help. She shares her thoughts on our constant quest for outside approval and the importance of knowing one thing about yourself. I know you will leave Kathryn’s interview feeling inspired by her heartbreaking and meaningful story.