74 Cynthia Hornig – Be Relentless

January 24, 2018

  • "Keep doing what you're doing, girls!"
  • "We saw a hole in what was available out there and we figured, 'Who better than us to try and fill that hole?' and built something really rewarding that other people could also get something out of."
  • "There are so many challenges and things that come up in life, and you just have to keep going after what you want."

"Just be relentless in what you want to do and accomplish and really good things will happen."
~ Cynthia Hornig

My guest this week, Cynthia Hornig, is passionate about empowering women and girls around the world by shining the light on female leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a big impact in their communities. Initially starting with the idea to share women’s stories not seen in the mainstream media, the Women You Should Know platform has evolved to support the women’s equality movement and provide a solution to the biggest challenge that women entrepreneurs face.

Cynthia opens our discussion sharing the mission of Women You Should Know and how its conception led to their amazing crowdfunding platform for women-led businesses and projects, Women You Should Fund. She shares how she and her business partner, Jen Jones, felt compelled to “fill the hole” they saw for women, and discusses several projects that have found their resources through the platform, including the woman-helmed, award-winning documentary film, Big Sonia.

We also dive into the challenges that Cynthia and Jen have faced over the years, and how their business partnership has allowed them to support one another through the ebbs and flows of life. Despite facing personal tragedy, Cynthia has remained relentless in accomplishing her goals and continues to be inspired by the words of her biggest champion. Ultimately, she shares her closing advice for women chasing their goals, and one of the best pieces of advice she’s ever heard.

I know you will be inspired and motivated to achieve your goals after hearing the passion Cynthia brings to her work with women. As someone special used to say to her, “Keep doing what you’re doing, girls!” Sometimes it just takes one person to believe in you and keep you going!