75 Kathy Bello – A Recipe for Living

January 30, 2018

  • "They looked at all my medical records, and they said, ‘We’re sorry, there’s nothing more that can be done. We recommend that you go home, get all your papers in order, because if you have two years to live, you will be lucky.’"
  • "I just believe there’s a spirit in each one of us."
  • "I always believe that there are no coincidences in life… as they say, serendipity."

"The biggest changes in our life are not the 180 degree turns. It’s that tiny little shift. A little step, and it’s like ‘Ah! Ah-ha!’"
~ Kathy Bello

Miracles surround you every day. My beautiful spirited guest this week found her miracle 30 years ago when diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgin’s Lymphoma. Doctor’s painted a grim short future for Kathy Bello and told her to get her affairs in order; all while caring for an ill husband and four teenaged children.

With the future bleak, Kathy shares how there was always one thing she held true to herself ever since she was a child to keep her going. How did Kathy survive and thrive? Kathy speaks vividly about how meditation, finding joy in every day and not leaving any stone unturned in her pursuit of wellness found her alive and well today. The illness was a blessing in discovering her true reason on her life’s journey … to love, forgive and spread joy.

For many years Kathy found her joy as a nurse, a teacher and finding ways to give back. Because of her amazing and diverse journey to wellness, you will be fascinated to learn more about the next chapter of her life, inspired by her joy of cooking!

I am so happy to bring Kathy’s story to you. Her message is relatable to many lives and will touch you in a way that shifts your life to recognize not only the major changes that impact your journey but the little miracles that happen every day.