77 Stacey Chatman – Be Your Own Cheerleader

February 21, 2018

  • "I’ve been through some traumatic times and if I didn’t have fitness in my life I would have sunk to a deep depression."
  • "I felt a responsibility to share my story because I was the lucky one."
  • "It’s never too late to dream."

"You might be in isolation and you have to be your own cheerleader. I want to teach people how to empower themselves through those times."
~ Stacey Chatman

A true powerhouse of beauty, strength and adversity, my guest today is the phenomenal Stacey Chatman– former Washington Redskins cheerleader turned fitness guru, empowerment leader and author. At age 17, a tumultuous relationship with her mother landed her in a school for disadvantaged youth, rather than her dream of going to college. After meeting a young man who promised to take care of her, Stacey shares how he soon became her daily nightmare. Hear how this traumatic relationship caused Stacey to hit her breaking point and how she found the strength to move onto her next chapter.

Leaving school with confusion and emotional turmoil, Stacey shares how she returned home and took steps to redefine her life. Hear what dream she finally achieved, and what new career she was able to launch. She also shares how her personal life was hit with tragedy and loss during this time, and how her strength was able to carry her through.

Juggling career, school, being a mother and a wife and other family issues, Stacey’s shares the moment she decided to pursue another dream that God created for her: fitness. Stacey and I discuss what excites her about fitness and how successful her fitness platform has been through her own studio, Extreme Fit Studio, and other centers across the U.S.
At age 50, Stacey’s next challenge proves that it’s never too late to dream.

Stacey’s message does not end there; her desire to empower others with a message from her tragic youth has continued to motivate her to make an impact. How many of us go through years and not tell a soul about a truly life-changing event that redefines our journey?

Discover how Stacey has found peace by telling her story and inspired others to choose to live in wow is me, not woe is me!