79 Amanda Hinds – It’s Okay To Be Awkward

March 14, 2018

  • "I stepped out of my fear and into faith."
  • "As a young girl, I had some unrealistic expectations of myself."
  • "There is so much being thrown at young girls today."

"I asked the question...what would I do if I wasn't afraid, and then I knew."
~ Amanda Hinds

My amazing guest this week, Amanda Hinds, is a teacher from Bentonville School District in Arkansas who has stepped out of fear and into faith with her mission in life. As a teacher, Amanda has significantly made an impact on young lives already, however, an unexpected and profound moment catapulted her from turning a dream into a reality. Unbeknownst to me, that moment happened when she was in an audience over a year and a half ago.

I had the honor of speaking at Amanda’s school and my words hit her. She shares, “I sat in the audience and thought, ‘what is it I really want to pursue to make a difference?'”

As a teacher, Amanda always had a “vision” on how to translate her skills into a viable message instilling confidence in teenage girls. And at that moment, Amanda’s past inspired her to take action. Listen in as Amanda describes a childhood experience that shredded her self-confidence including her ability to even speak properly.

“There is so much being thrown at young girls today,” Amanda says. With the cooperation of Bentonville administration, Amanda began “Muscles and Makeup-Developing Confidence from the Inside Out.” Her goal is to help teen girls develop the confidence they need to make good decisions and reach their potential. The after-school club began two years ago with eight girls and has grown into a school wide staple with now over sixty participants.

Hear how this inspirational teacher has transcended traditional clubs and has fostered creative yet innovative ways to teach core values that will last a lifetime. Twisting her younger awkward years into something positive, Amanda has proven you don’t have to be perfect to be priceless!