80 Marcy Blair – Where The Journey Leads You

April 4, 2018

  • "Part of the fun of life is where that journey leads you."
  • "If I can give information to one person that can save a life."
  • "Pick the things you want to be passionate about."

"That crash and burn moment re-directed me to a better place"
~ Marcy Blair

 A powerhouse of grace, talent, and unwavering strength, my amazing guest this week is Marcy Blair. As Vice President of Cisco, Marcy is the leader of the Americas Services Partner organization and responsible for strategies related to sales, marketing, partner enablement, partner profitability and promoting services growth for over 12,000 partners! With all her phenomenal talent as well as work/ balance life of being a mother of two boys, Marcy found herself in a larger struggle … a fight for her life.  

“I was driving down the road when I got the call.” Listen in to Marcy’s devastating news that not only turned her life upside down, but completely righted itself with her new mission in life. With support of family, friends and a strong Cisco network allowing her to speak at corporate events to spread her message, Marcy believes her scare was a blessing to pay it forward. “If I can give information to one person, than I can save a life and pay it forward.” Marcy vehemently lives now in wow is me, not woe is me….listen in to her sage advice you can apply to your life today!