81 Sarah Kaler – You Are Enough And You Belong

April 11, 2018

  • "I thought I was doing the thing I was put on this earth to do."
  • "I was good at hiding behind my competencies."
  • "My team is like my family, people committed to one another and committed to a vision can do anything."

"We live in this world of an epidemic of burnout, stress and noise in so many different forms. We’ve been groomed to accept it."
~ Sarah Kaler

My phenomenal guest this week, Sarah Kaler, is an inspiration in the entrepreneurial world as an executive leadership coach, consultant, CEO and co-founder with Brenda Wilkins of SoulPowered, a women’s leadership, research, and education company. The entrepreneurial spirit had always been within Sarah even from childhood. “At a young age I was around leaders, teams and groups of people that were soulfully behind something,” Sarah states. Inspired by her surroundings, she thought starting a business right out of high school was simply “the norm.”

Recruited out of her first business, Sarah’s journey led her to the beginnings of Lululemon Athletica where as a young company Sarah was surrounded by a group of very entrepreneurial minded people. As a senior leader in a thriving organization, Sarah believed she was doing everything she was put on this earth to do, and yet, the wake-up calls started happening. Listen in on what Sarah thought what was her ideal life spiraled out of her hands.

As the quintessential over achiever Sarah did not know herself any other way. Hear the details of how Sarah’s crushing reality made her step out of her fear and into fate. Sarah’s words will resonate with many and her evolution to super power of SoulPowered will leave you riveted and enlightened!