83 Elle Zimmerman – You know what you are designed to bring into the world

May 10, 2018

  • "I stood there and felt my energy, trusted my gut and went for it."
  • "I just stopped and thought, ‘What can I do?"
  • "I just have to be able to pause and listen and make my next move."

"Find grace, love and forgiveness because all women are trying to find the balance of what has become crazy lives of keeping up."
~ Elle Zimmerman

My sensational guest this week, Elle Zimmerman, has catapulted her career from proclaimed and well renowned actress/performer to the executive producer leading her husband, best selling author and global speaker Curtis Zimmerman. Listen in as Elle and I share a deep dark secret many people have experienced,  women and men, and for the first time I am actually talking about it!
As a sought after leadership expert herself, Elle has come full circle into her own leadership light; Elle utilizes her experience as an actress, entrepreneur, and producer to train and empower women to “stand center stage” in their personal and professional lives. At a young age, Elle found a beautiful combination in her talents to serve through performing. “I stood there and felt my energy, trusted my gut and went for it.” Listen in on this pivotal decision when Elle trusted her instincts and changed her life’s path forever.
Inspired by her acting career and her entrepreneurial triumphs with her husband, Elle followed a nudge when what was a day at a normal speaking engagement turned into her true life’s passion. Learn how Elle’s own shocking life experience not only emotionally charged a vulnerable conversation that must be heard, but the impact of her message is felt worldwide where we must all get back to the heart of being a human beings again.