84 Sara Elizabeth Timmins – If it doesn’t exist, create it!

May 16, 2018

  • "My experience in Hollywood was there is a lack of representation in strong, confident females."
  • "In that one moment, everything that I worked so hard for was completely discounted."
  • "Let this film be a catapult to conversations that resonate with and inspire people to make a difference, make a change and have a call to action."

"This is real life and there are going to be challenges simply because I am female."
~ Sara Elizabeth Timmins

My amazing guest this week, Sara Elizabeth Timmins, is a powerhouse in the filmmaking industry and has also become a pioneered spirit for women in film and audiences who watch her craft worldwide. Truly a divine inspiration, her story today will leave you with a message that will resonate from the big screen to your world.

Now more than ever people from all walks of life are wanting to hear real, powerful stories they can connect with in the movie theatre. Sara Elizabeth champions films with this purpose. She discovered early in life that her own starring role as a female in this lifetime would lead her toward her current  journey. “In that moment, everything that I worked for was completely  discounted.” Listen in as Sara Elizabeth describes a singular comment that changed her life.

Sara Elizabeth created Life Out Loud Films in response to her own experiences; feeling the need for more family friendly, female inspired films. At the time the company was created, Sara Elizabeth’s vision had a shadow of the impact it certainly does today for women in film. She continues the conversation in her selection of creating films and discusses her upcoming production called “Shoeless Wonders.” Our fascinating discussion together led to Sara Elizabeth’s own revelation and “aha” moment right on the show ….proving magic happens when you do what you are meant to be doing on your life’s journey.