85 Annette Moore – Sometimes The Best Plan Is To Just Let Go

May 23, 2018

  • "With women in technology, there are reasons why their talents are not in the limelight."
  • "Women believe that they have to have it all and they have to have more than it all to apply for these tech jobs."
  • "I took an inventory of what I was like in my relationships and I gathered a plan."

"I just wanted to do things completely differently than I had done them in the past because I WANTED something different at the end."
~ Annette Moore

My brilliant guest this week, Annette Moore, has been a pioneer leading women in technology and guiding future generations through her nonprofit work with Step Up and various women led initiatives. Annette’s fascinating yet life changing revelations regarding career and relationships will inspire you!
Our discussion resonates globally as a tremendous need for Annette’s voice for women in technology has traditionally gone unnoticed for their work. During a workshop Annette attended, the speaker’s words hit her, “It was something that she said. I felt this fire inside of me catch.” Find out this defining moment  which sparked a fire inside Annette to take actions supporting her fellow women in technology by launching a women’s initiative movement at her employer as well as becoming an active supporter of Step Up, an organization giving high school girls from underserved communities the confidence and knowledge they need to attend college and pursue a career of their dreams.
While her professional life and nonprofit organization blossomed, Annette’s personal life still waivered. “I took an inventory of what I was like in my relationships and I gathered a plan.” Listen in as Annette and I not only discuss her “plan” for finding love but her transcendent experience defining the essence of language and the way to make a relationship endure. It is a joy to share Annette’s miraculous journey and gift for wonderous hope with you!