86 Leslie Kuster – We are in a dance with creation & we are co-creating all the time!

May 30, 2018

  • "It brought me to a spirituality, it brought me to a deeper place of peace and love and joy and connection."
  • "I always had a strong interest in inspiring and helping others."
  • "I have learned how important it is for women to love what they do and share their gifts, their God given talents."

"What became apparent to me is stuff happens in our life and the only thing we can control is our attitude towards it."
~ Leslie Kuster

My amazing guest this week, Leslie Kuster, radiates a beautiful essence and energy from every avenue of her life! Listen in today on my jaw dropping moments with Leslie detailing her fascinating life transitions as an  entrepreneur, her spiritual journey navigating life challenges, and her pursuit in finding her God given talent to help others.

Tragedies of life hit Leslie at a young age where her teenage years plummeted to despair in a fatal event. “It brought me to a spirituality, it brought me to a deeper place of peace and love and joy and connection.” Listen in as Leslie discusses at an early age how she discovered  her life revelations in an unusual and unexpected place.

With entrepreneurship in her blood, it was a natural progression for Leslie to begin her successful business called Back From Bali, as well as her heartfelt need to inspire young women as founder of Girl Power, a mind-body-spirit after school empowerment program for young girls aged 7-13. Leslie found herself in a poignant decisive moment between two worlds, one held her heart and the other held her mind. Listen in as Leslie struggled between these two passions and how she figured out the path that led her to satisfaction and success. Today Leslie inspires and enlightens to motivate women all over the world. Leslie Kuster truly reflects the epitome that the  greatest gift you can give yourself is to follow the nudge inside of you.