90 Amanda Kassler – Stay true

June 27, 2018

  • "Every door leads to a different path."
  • "Every time you get a bump in the road you have two choices, you can let it make you miserable or you can make it into a challenge."
  • "I believe in this life we are only here for one purpose and that is to leave a legacy by adding value wherever we go."

"If you are staying true to yourself than you are always on the right path."
~ Amanda Kassler

A beautiful human being with a zest for life, my guest today Amanda Kassler, CHRO/CEO of Innovative HR Solutions, will surround you with a refreshing perspective and renewed spirit. A consultant and entrepreneur by nature, Amanda’s adventurous spirit is infused in everything that touches her life and truly a walking testimonial of my mantra, ‘I choose to not live in whoa is me, I choose to live in WOW is me!’

With over twenty years in the corporate business world of human resources and project management, Amanda’s experience has been intertwined with professional triumphs and personal struggles. “There are only two things in life you have to worry about; either you are healthy or you are sick and it’s the emotion behind it that gets you through.” For Amanda it all started with a freak accident. Listen in as Amanda describes her extreme path of health challenges and her resilient secrets to getting her through.

Amanda follows her passions in so many ways it will leave you spinning! From her generous nature giving back with “Operation Hands On” to her consulting business and creative outlets, listen in to our wonderful conversation about the “how” Amanda credits her many ways she impacts lives everyday as well as impact mine!