91 Belinda Farrell – Just take a step

July 11, 2018

  • "I was on a timeline to figure out what I had been afraid of all my life."
  • "Our thoughts can be a computer for our body."
  • "I am loved regardless by something greater and stronger than I could ever imagine."

"Just like in the ocean there are storms, with emotional times you just have to go with the flow."
~ Belinda Farrell

A powerful episode as waves of emotion will wash over you as they did for me while I spoke to my amazing angel Belinda Farrell, holistic healer and author. Riveting until the very end …Belinda’s words gripped me emotionally and left me speechless for the first time ever in all my episodes!

A self professed “adrenaline junkie” all her life, Belinda’s career as a stunt car driver had her diving in from one adventure to the next. “I was on a timeline to figure out what I had been afraid of all my life.” As Belinda’s life spirals downward, listen in on how a devastating accident found Belinda on the path to making miracles happen.

With her astounding gift for hypnotherapy and past life regression, Belinda speaks in detail about an experience that will surely blow you away as it did for me! So many twists and turns in her journey and from these pivotal points of self discovery and trauma Belinda realizes her lifelong passion in the Hawaiian art of self-healing. Belinda’s book, “Find Your Friggin’ Joy,” shares her experience but you can listen now to learn her one piece of advice that you can start doing today!