93 Dr. Terri Cooper – Yes you can

August 8, 2018

  • "Have the courage to make the strategic asks."
  • "I have always felt very strongly about how I want to pay it forward."
  • "Surround yourself with individuals who give you the courage to take chances."

"I don’t believe anybody has ever had it all without making difficult choices along the way."
~ Dr. Terri Cooper

Get ready as I am so excited to celebrate who I believe is the true epitome of what an authentic leader looks like! I am in awe of my guest today, Dr. Terri Cooper, Chief Inclusion Officer for Deloitte US, who is not only passionate about inclusion but taking action on her life’s purpose. In a career where her world was predominately created by men, Terri has felt very strongly on the “how” she can pay it forward to other women.

Terri amplifies what it means to bring the beauty of every human being into the spotlight. As a US Consulting Principal with more than two decades of experience working in various capacities of the life sciences and healthcare industry, Terri has participated in a broad range of strategic advisory services.  With massive global accolades, integration and restructuring advancements and complicated mergers and acquisitions, one would assume Terri enjoys a life of “having it all.” But what leaves this fulfilled woman with a hole in her heart? “I feel like I am their mother hen.” Find out what Terri describes as one of the most difficult subjects to tackle in her life.

While the two most important people in her life happen to be men, listen in as Terri has me in stitches comparing gender roles in the workplace and her story about pouring tea! A poignant and imperative leadership discussion peppered with our light-hearted chat about the simple things in life that everyone can relate to. Terri not only shares daily rituals and ultimate truths but validates the statement that when we are authentic and real, we help each other heal and give people hope!