94 Kent Williams – The Servanthood of Leadership

August 22, 2018

  • "God works in mysterious ways. He Knows exactly what you need when you need it, even when you don’t think you do."
  • "Understand there are many paths to success and don’t focus on others telling you what that path is...figure that out for yourself."
  • "You’ve got to love what you do, there is no substitute for that."

"Stop comparing your behind the scenes with everyone else’s front stage production."
~ Kent Williams

Amazing wisdom is sprinkled throughout my fascinating chat today with a remarkable guiding force in leadership, Kent Williams, an Extraordinary team leader at Thomson Reuters. Kent is passionate about leadership and you can actually feel the joy resonating from his voice as our conversation leads to level after level of revelation!

Kent delves into his past where he explains pivotal decisions about his career path and the moment that changed his life forever. “She taught me more about humility and living for something bigger than yourself.”

As a leader, Kent focuses on how he serves others and how he is showing up to the world. From a  poignant conversation with his son, which will resonate with all parents, to his “secret sauce” on how to an Extraordinary leader, Kent is leading with grace, simplicity and strength on all facets of his life!