96 Gina Valenti – Purpose starts with strengths

September 6, 2018

  • "You can’t have a purpose until you understand what your strengths and talents are"
  • "I was just feeling pulled in a lot of different directions and time at the Elite Retreat made me truly realize I was beyond tired and mentally exhausted."
  • "The space gives you time to figure out what you need. It is a big reflection into who you are."

"I think we get in our way often; it’s not that the world is judging us, it’s that we are judging us."
~ Gina Valenti

If you ever wanted to know what it takes to create the greatest culture in your workplace…this is the woman to talk to! Brilliant beyond words with a peaceful joy that emanates throughout today’s podcast, Gina Valenti found herself catapulted into the next phase of her life with an experience that started at my exclusive Elite Retreat which made a profound impact on her journey!

A  28-year veteran of the travel and hospitality industries, Gina is passionate about inspiring team members to shine by joyfully engaging their hearts and minds with a brand’s culture and values. As a former executive VP of Hilton Hotels, Gina tapped into strengths as a focus to lead a global initiative taking Hilton’s employees and customer service to the next level experience. Gina’s propensity for strengths are rooted at a young age. “I was always surrounded by people who wanted to see me succeed.” Listen in as Gina describes how her persistence was formed by her very own village of supporters cheering her on.

As Gina’s career soared her spirit faltered. As a nominated guest at my exclusive Elite Retreat last year, Gina’s passion for persistence caught up with her and a fascinating self-discovery for her unfolded amongst the other brilliant life-minded women on the retreat. A very direct question from me altered Gina’s life path to jump out of fear and into faith!