98 Jay Kali ~ It really comes down to one thing

October 4, 2018

  • "I didn’t stop believing in myself and I didn’t stop giving that love to others."
  • "The fastest way to changing your mind is through your body."
  • "It all comes down to one thing; doing what you do but putting love into it."

"If you are bold and take that risk into the unknown I truly believe the universe will test you but it will also reward you for your bravery."
~ Jay Kali

Get ready for my amazing guest today, Jay Kali! As a child of poverty and veteran of war, Jay has seen his share of sacrifice and tribulations. But it is out of these experiences Jay has created his own mantras, his own way of living his best life and the best way he can share his passion with others!

As a Strengths Architect guru, Jay is disrupting the fitness industry with his phenomenal approach to women’s fitness. “The fitness industry is a twenty-five billion dollar per year industry yet we still have an obesity epidemic,” and Jay explains in very real terms the reasons surrounding this problem. “The fastest way to changing your mind is through your body.” Listen in on how my own four quadrant approach aligns beautifully with Jay’s approach to fitness and living your best life.

Jay strives to lead by example, demonstrating that when we tap into our own potential, there is nothing we cannot achieve. Listen in as Jay discusses where his drive to help others comes from as well as our discussion on just that ONE thing that made a difference in his life and can make a difference in your life too!

AND for my very special podcast listeners, an incredibly generous gift from Jay Kali awaits you at the end!