99 Leigh Koechner ~ You are not alone, no matter what shows up

October 10, 2018

  • "You know we all start with stuff from our childhood and we get some really great gems and things that are not so great but both help shape us."
  • "I ran fast and hard and when you don’t know who you are and you desperately want love but not even sure what that means, I tried desperately to connect with people but I had a wall up around me."
  • "I do not think there is anything more powerful than living through something and using that to teach."

"I always had the drive of thriving and surviving before but now I am empowered by love and can live with grace and ease."
~ Leigh Koechner

Passionately driven by a spiritual purpose and an unapologetic style that will leave your mouth gaping open thinking, “She said that” my childhood and lifelong soul sister Leigh Koechner, writer, speaker, and spiritual teacher, will pull at your heartstrings with the equal vigor of a deep belly laugh! From despair and heartache to the revelation surrounding defining moments from childhood, the transparency and candor will make you feel like you are sitting in the same room with us! Plus, insightful nuggets of my own childhood admissions never heard before!

As a child of a mentally ill mother and a disconnected father, Leigh’s story resonates with many dysfunctional families who exude the image of the perfect family. “The story I created when I was 7 years old was that I wasn’t good enough for my own mother for her to get out of bed.” This notion created a wall around Leigh’s heart which became her “armor,” that shielded all who became close to her, except one person, celebrity David Koechner, who not only helped open Leigh’s eyes but helped her discover a surprising revelation. Listen in as Leigh’s sensational chance meeting with David will leave you in stitches. And, how David’s unwavering love for Leigh opened her eyes to a life realization about her mother which flipped her world from thriving and surviving to be empowered by love.

In the same light that Leigh needed to learn relationships from a clean slate, learning parenting was equally as challenging. By learning to love herself as well as heal herself through her five beautiful children, Leigh has become a messenger of hope and inspiration. Discover Leigh’s life-altering journey with surrogacy as she describes a heart-wrenching decision that shifted into a miracle!

Listen to end and hear how a crazy movie premiere in Hollywood brought our families back together!… the most amazing timing for this interview as her hubby plays an awesome role in my brother’s new incredible movie “All Creatures Here Below.”