51 Darcy Tannehill – Refusing to be a Victim

May 24, 2017

  • "80% of the people diagnosed with amyloidosis will die within 1-2 years. So the fact that I am here 5 years later is very, very fortunate."
  • "So right now I’m kind of in a holding pattern, waiting for the next round of treatment."
  • "I never once cried over having this illness, and I never will because I’m not going to let it ever, ever beat me. It’s never going to win."

What would you do if you were diagnosed with an incurable, fatal disease? Would you be able to rise above the adversity and make the most of your time left? My guest today, Dr. Darcy Tannehill, is doing just that.

A high-level academic administrator who has spent the majority of her career working in higher education, Darcy began developing a variety of strange symptoms several years ago that doctors could not trace back to a source. After years of testing with a plethora of doctors, Darcy finally learned the cause of her symptoms — a rare, incurable disease with a typical life expectancy of 1-2 years.

Rather than live in a victim mentality, Darcy’s proactive, tenacious nature, along with some good fortune, has allowed her to continue the fight for her life despite the bleak prognosis. Listen in as Darcy shares how she’s helping people with the disease cope with their symptoms & find the doctors and treatment they need. You’ll also hear where she derives her outstanding tenacity from, and how her family has inspired her to keep on going.