Rave Reviews

A great leader is someone who through enthusiasm, organization, showmanship, and charisma can make a subject truly come alive. Holly demonstrated her leadership and strengths delivering her Extraordinary Leader program for our senior leaders. Balancing thought-provoking data, engaging discussions and practical tips for leaders to keep things simple and human centered, Holly ignited the hearts and minds of our leaders. Her diligence in preparation to truly understand our company’s objectives and bring them to life makes her truly Extraordinary. It was such a pleasure to work with Holly. She lives her words – Know me, Care about me, and Pay attention to me – making those around her feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

– Michelle Stokes | Enterprise Learning Lead, Organon

The Women of Meraki hosted an ‘Extraordinary You’ session with Holly for our Women of Cisco and Meraki communities. We loved Holly’s energy, and insights and really appreciated the tactical tips we could take away after the session to work on becoming our best professional and personal selves. It was a joy to work with Holly, her special guest and team as they shared their stories and life experiences. We had a lot of positive feedback from a 200+ person audience; we were blown away with the attendance and the engagement from attendees. Thank you!

– Helen Fream | Product Enablement, Cisco Networking Group

Holly’s session on authenticity in the workplace was one of the best trainings that I have been to in all my years at Deloitte. It really inspired me. I am a huge advocate of people, especially women, being authentic about their experiences. I feel like it gives other women permission to be less than perfect. Her session really hit the nail on the head. It was so enjoyable and thought-provoking at the same time. I am so glad that I was able to attend!

– Danielle Kearney | Deloitte & Touche LLP

Holly’s passion and intent is special. She has an incredible ability to pull a team together, create stronger bonds and make everyone better around her in a day. That’s a rare gift. I have participated in a lot of trainings, but Holly is memorable and that is what’s unique. Her messaging and content is impactful and we all feel accountable to her and each member on the team. I just love her and the energy that she creates.

– Scott Aaron | Director of Sales | Cisco

I my pleasure to acknowledge and praise Holly for her “Extraordinary You, Awaken the Power Within” presentation that she shared with our Dance Studio Owners Inner Circle in 2019. Holly’s energy, empathy and humor captivated our audience of 120+ attendees from the moment she began speaking.

Holly’s presentation was engaging, humorous and real. She was among our highest-rated speakers and provided valuable takeaways that our members have both loved and implemented in their dance studios around the world.

I highly recommend Holly as a speaker or contributor to anyone who wants to inspire their audience and broaden their impact.

– Clint Salter | CEO | Dance Studio Owners Association

Your Passion and Credible message captivated and inspired our leadership team at Community. The Buzz is still ringing and All Are Obsessed with StandOut.. I think that’s a Good Thing :)! You’ve been given a Gift to Inspire leaders…Use it with Confidence. Leaders Need You!

– Bryan Mills | President & CEO | Community Health Network

Holly is an amazing leader with extraordinary ability to engage, encourage & inspire people. She was instrumental in helping ANM adopt the strengths based leadership fundamentals and bring the entire leadership team together.

– Raminder Mann | Chief Executive Officer | ANM

The impact from The Extraordinary Leader training has been immediate with my team. My approach has changed as I’m now more focused on their strengths and asking more What and How questions vs. Why. The impact hasn’t just been at work. The last few weeks, I’ve used the Powerful questions at home with my young boys and they’ve been more engaged at the dinner table than ever before!  Happy Dad for sure.

– Scott | Cisco

I recently met Holly and listened to her powerful message, which was not just how to transform my business, but how I could transform my life. She is amazing. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with her!

– Daniel Serpico | President & CEO | FusionStormIntegration Center Video

At Cisco, we are focusing on the power of teams and one of the qualities of the “best teams” is having the ability to use your strengths daily. Holly has a powerful and engaging way of helping people identify their strengths, but more importantly owning it for their development and the growth of their respective team/company. Several members of the team followed up after the session to express how important it made them feel and to thank us for having the courage to do something we hadn’t done before. Holly’s positive impact has made such an impression at Cisco Federal.

– Shannon Leininger | Operations Director | Cisco

With zeal and passion, Holly captures the important truth that leaders need to grow individual strengths to maximize performance. Her appeal to leaders to recognize and honor universal human motivational needs puts powerful tools in the hands of leaders of all maturity. Today’s leaders cannot afford to neglect the wisdom of this wonderful speaker! What’s more? Holly is genuinely motivated by love for others! She is simply one not to miss.

– Angela Tyczkowski | General Counsel | Marco Technologies, LLC

After the Extraordinary Leader program, my leadership team is forever changed for the better. We are stronger as individuals because we know our strengths in a new way that will allow us to execute on them, as well as navigate what we dread. We will show up as leaders who have a better understanding of our teams, that care about our teams, and pay attention to what they need. I believe we successfully began to transform our organization after one day with Holly to realize the strengths of ourselves and others and make SLED East the destination.

– Shannon Leininger | Area Vice President US SLED East Sales

I personally developed a wonderful relationship with my mentor, Valerie Schlothauer, who was so proactive in scheduling monthly check-in calls to help clarify my career path with clear actionable items. I have also made friends within my power circle who have called me to partner on for new deals. The WE experience has inspired me to grow my internal relationships and focus on what’s important at work and at home. Moreover, being a participant in the program I’m sure helped to gain my promotion from a BRM to a Senior BRM.

– Gladys S. Preciado | Senior BRM | Beverly Hills, CA | Wells Fargo

I had a very positive experience with the Women’s Enrichment Group. I was able to communicate and bounce ideas back and forth with really strong women in the company who I would never had a chance to speak to otherwise. The experience presented to light how I can avoid taking part of any type of discrimination as well as to avoid being a victim and to speak up for myself and for others . I am very blessed to have been a participant in last year’s WE group.

– Faith Villanueva | Commercial Lender | Corona, CA | Wells Fargo

I have seen major change in my team cohorts. Women communicating with managers on their goals. Managers responding with positive feedback and assistance in planning their employee’s futures when they were previously not even aware of the career goals. I have experienced team work and team support unequal to any previous organization. The program has been a motivator. I have learned to have vision for myself, found a way to recognize my own successes. The program has enriched my life, I feel I am a more balanced employee which will also benefit the organization. I now look for ways to promote women empowerment and am more aware of diversity.

– Valerie Schlothauer | Principal Relationship Manager | Monterey | Wells Fargo

The Women’s enrichment program has been an eye opener. It has helped me to see that I can proactively drive my career (and life) aspirations. This program has allowed me to think more strategically and proactively about my next steps and my desires. I feel like it has allowed me to move outside my comfort zone and take risks. It’s hard to say, specifically, what has been the catalyst for this new approach to my future. I think it’s a combination of the support from the other women involved in the program, the presentations that focus on taking active control over various aspects of life and career, and the empowerment I feel after each of the workshops. I am so thankful to be a part of this program. I have already benefited so much both personally and professionally.

– Tricia Halstead | Credit Analysis Manager & Business Banking Administrative Manager | Portland, Oregon | Wells Fargo

Holly’s Women’s Enrichment Program has given me the self-confidence to empower myself to change my future both professionally and personally.

– Penny D. Jones | Business Banking Admin Manager | Wells Fargo

My overall feedback on Holly’s program is all good. She is an inspirational speaker and obviously takes great joy in her work. Her exercises were engaging and kept the audience energy high. She appropriately used tactile learning to convey concepts (example: the card passing exercise to underscore the value of positive encouragement).

Holly also inspired the team to look beyond their everyday busyness and reflect on their larger vision – something Deloitte professionals often do not have the luxury of doing. Several team members put her advice into immediate practice (one woman took a run without her headphones in order to allow space to think/meditate).

Holly’s genuine desire to invest in each Acadia member was clear and appreciated. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Holly, and I look forward to crossing paths again soon.

– Gwynneth LD Chandler | Senior Manager, Development COE | Deloitte Services LP

Holly was inspiring! I left her keynote feeling energized about the upcoming school year. Other staff members left saying ‘This was the best start to the school year that we have had in quite some time.’ and ‘Holly was amazing!’ and ‘Loved her message, she understands what we do.’ My top takeaways from her delivery were “Do what you love; renew your purpose; find your gift as well as the gift of our students. I loved how she interacted with the audience.

Holly is an exceptional speaker. She tailors her message to her audience. She is an inspiration and inspires those around her to live their purpose.

– Tanya Sharp | Executive Director of Student Services | Bentonville School District

We hosted our first AccorHotels North & Central America Spa Directors Academy in October 2017 and had the pleasure to have Holly join our little group on our opening night. The evening was just magical. Holly’s passionate energy allowed for each one of us to shine a bit brighter and open our hearts and our minds for what turned out to be a very successful conference. It was the first time for many of us to meet each other in person and it was important for me to get my team mentally ready for the days ahead. Holly created the perfect experience and emotional memories to last a lifetime.

– Daniel Poulin | Director, Spa & Fitness, North & Central America | Accorhotels

I had the opportunity to attend ‘Conversations with Extraordinary Women’ in Danbury, CT where Holly participated as a panelist. I thoroughly enjoyed her comments and personable style. She was open, direct, dynamic and truly spoke from the heart. Holly is a great communicator who knows how to engage the audience. I also liked that she stayed after the event ended and met with every attendee who approached her. Not only did I enjoy the experience but, I got the sense that she truly did as well.

– Nelson Merchan | Business Advisor | Connecticut Small Business Development Center

Holly Dowling is a dynamic, from-the-heart speaker and an absolute delight to listen to. You simply can’t help but be drawn into her web of enthusiasm, and I found myself hanging on every word of this high priestess of inspiration. Holly left me feeling uplifted, empowered and ready to conquer the world.

– Joann Cueva | Director | Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce

I had the sincere pleasure of working with Global Keynote Speaker and Master Facilitator, Holly Dowling. In the world of motivational speaking and women’s empowerment, Holly has a dynamic and unique approach that transcends that of the typical leadership workshops we see today. Her intuitive insights into her clients’ gifts and abilities allow her the opportunity to bring about real change. I am honored to have been able to not only interview Holly, but to receive the validation from her of the importance in the combination of mind, body and spirit wellness for the sake of success. She proves it every day.

– Susan Rocco | Founder | Producer and Host of Women to Watch™Media, LLC

One of my favorite people to collaborate with! Holly’s knowledge, tools, and experience within the women’s leadership field have made her an amazing asset to our Wells Fargo Women’s Enrichment Program! Her presence and enthusiasm has served as a major driving forces for our program, and the hard-hitting questions and ideas she utilizes have allowed the program to enhance the professional and personal lives of our participants. She has allowed our organization to see the issues that impact our women employees so that we can take the necessary steps to support and drive their success. Holly Dowling is an amazing speaker and program facilitator — I highly recommend her!

– Halley McIlwain | Senior Vice President & Director of Strategic Planning | Pacific Midwest Business Banking | Wells Fargo

We had the pleasure of having Holly speak at our annual event, The Women’s Link Forum. The feedback has been incredible, and we are so very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Holly. It was everything we imagined and MORE!! If you are looking for a highly interactive, energetic keynote speaker, I could not recommend Holly Dowling more!

– Participant | Women's Link Forum 2016 | The Home Depot

We were honored to have Holly come and address so many of our Home Depot women! I have heard amazing reports from everyone who attended our event. As our first speaker, Holly was able to kickoff the event with energy and gusto and really set the tone for the rest of the day. She really made our attendees think about where they are, where they want to go, and where they have come from. Thanks so much for serving The Home Depot, Holly!

– Manager | Women's Link Forum 2016 | The Home Depot

Holly creates an excellent learning environment and provides appropriate reinforcements with her storytelling and interaction.

– Participant | Career Retreat 2014 | Deloitte

Holly’s energy and insights were incredibly valuable. She earned her title as ‘Inspirational Thought Leader’.

– Participants | Career Retreat 2014 | Deloitte

Holly was great. Very dynamic and engaging. You can tell she enjoys what she does and loves to share her knowledge. Her enthusiasm was infectious.

– Participant | Career Retreat 2014 | Deloitte

Holly is just outstanding high energy, knowledgeable, insightful. One of the finest trainers I’ve met.

– Participant | Career Retreat 2014 | Deloitte

What a dynamo! She’s great at keeping a room engaged and enthused.

– Participant | Career Retreat 2014 | Deloitte

Holly was great! She could really relate and made it fun to understand our roles as leaders.

– Participant | North American Field Conference 2013 | Gap, Inc.

Outstanding instructor. Holly was full of energy and passion, which energized me for the program. SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!!! Energetic, engaged with her audience, adapted to the class’s personality and the direction of the group, I’d meet with or be part of a group she facilitates anytime!

– Participant | Career Retreat 2014 | Deloitte

As the founder and organizer of the Women of the Vine Global Symposium, I was thrilled by Holly’s inspirational keynote presentation. The attendees and I were truly captivated and moved by Holly’s explosive energy, depth of knowledge, and focus on audience participation.

– Deborah Brenner | Founder & Organizer | Women of the Vine

Without a doubt, I would recommend Holly for your next conference or event!

– Deborah Brenner | Founder & Organizer | Women of the Vine

Holly changed my life. Really! The passion she brings to her work is inspirational on its own. But it’s much more than that. Holly has a way of finding the best of you, helping you see it, and pointing out ways to make it shine bright. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker, a master facilitator, or a trainer, there is none better. I can’t wait to work with Holly again.

– Anthony Brazelton | Project Manager for Next Generation Development | Eli Lilly and Company

If you’re looking for someone to truly energize and inspire a room, look no further than Holly! Holly has that special energy that leaves people inspired and ready to make an impact. Holly not only brings her material to life, but also makes a conscious effort of keeping each individual in a room engaged. I highly recommend Holly to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, energetic, engaging speaker.

– Don Fracchia | EVP / Head of Pacific Midwest Business Banking | Wells Fargo

Holly’s commitment to providing an Extraordinary experience for her clients is second to none. No matter what the program or event, Holly connects with her audiences on a level that is rare to achieve. I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of speakers and facilitators and none can match the characteristics that Holly embodies – she gives everything to know, nurture and embrace the people she interacts with. In Holly’s Extraordinary Leader program she engages and motivates people to get clarity on their ‘best investment’ in themselves……. Working with Holly may well be your best investment

– Dave Rowe | Former Deloitte Learning Leader | Founder Enlightened Leadership Consulting

We engaged Holly for a three-part virtual version of her Extraordinary You program for a group of women managers, and she was fantastic!! I have attended her in-person sessions in the past, and I was amazed at how she was able to translate her encouraged level of interaction into a virtual environment. Her passion and energy shines through the camera, and her delivery and story-telling is truly engaging. Our participants left feeling inspired, energized, and committed to their own development. Thank you Holly!!

– Julie Solar Gogolski |Deloitte Consulting LLP | CBO Inspire Leadership Academy