Tell Me No, Watch Me Go

Discovering your passion and learning to light your light shine!

What “attitude hat” are you wearing today? For many of us, our life has been spent accepting “no” and believing we cannot do or accomplish what life has set before us. Now is the time to breakthrough the paradigm and make things happen!

Through real life examples, humor, and true inspiration, participants will be empowered to embrace a new attitude for themselves and inspire those around them both at home and at work.

Areas of Focus within Keynote include:

  • Defining the “why” behind overall goals and supporting actions.
  • Reaffirming individual engagement and passion for work.
  • Leveraging individual & team strengths to stay professionally energized.
  • Rebounding from rejection/failure.
  • Taking the time to customize your individual success plan while instilling Holly’s mantra to Stop Shoulding™. Start Doing.

In this program, you will be ENLIGHTENED to the very roadblocks in your own way, EMPOWERED to start your engines, ENGAGED to make a plan, and ENERGIZED to get moving

Holly changed my life. Really! The passion she brings to her work is inspirational on its own. But it’s much more than that. Holly has a way of finding the best of you, helping you see it, and pointing out ways to make it shine bright. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker, a program leader, or a trainer, there is none better. I can’t wait to work with Holly again.

- Senior Manager | Fortune 500 Company

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